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August 20, 2013

Work Space

Ellison Lane is running a Studio Spotlight and Laura at Little and Lots thought it would be fun to see my space... Hrmm. My space is rather crowded and tends to get cluttered quickly when not in use. I did not straighten up first. Please keep that in mind.

The first picture is my sewing space. There is a small stool I sit on when sewing that fits under the table. The bag on the left is my crocheted afghan that is too hot to work on when it's 80 degrees outside. It has a few tools on it. The bag in front is one of my WIP, a full size quilt. (Love, Love, Love the tote bags from Cracker Barrel. HUGE and very cheap, $1 when on sale, 3/$5 full price) There is a small wooden basket with a lid between the table and the bookcase (brown 'wall' on the right).

The right picture is between the bookcase and the couch. The bookcase doesn't have the room to face the other way, due to the size of the couch and the location of our front door. Buried between the 2 is another CB tote and on the bottom shelves 2 large plastic food tins (the kind from halloween that have a ton of mini bags of pretzels inside), they hold my fabric stash. I also like to use the zippered plastic bags from sheets and pillowcases to organize.
My sewing machine is a Singer. It was originally my mothers, so probably dated 1950's or 1960's. My husband has currently taken over my workspace to restring a guitar. I will not be using the space once classes start next week, so I don't mind. When I have to baste a quilt, there is a large table area downstairs that I can use. (we live in an apartment complex)
It's a bit messy at time, but functions well and I can find things when I need them, which is what matters. =)


  1. Looks a lot like my sewing space, except I spread out all over the house!!

  2. Give it time, you'll be converting the rest the house or apartment. lol Aren't you lucky to have your mom's machine!!