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February 21, 2016

Sunday Stash

Usually I do not have anything to show, but every one in a while there is a sale that I can not resist. Canton Village Quilt Works is relocating to Arizona and has been running an awesome sale, where the discount grows each week. She wants to sell out of all the quilting fabric before the move.
So, after sitting on my hands for a few weeks and letting the discount grow, I picked up these. (gotta hit the sweet spot where awesome discount and inventory meet. Wait too long and you have nothing to choose from.)

In no particular order:
3/4 yard Soliel Sky
1/2 yard Los Cabos Water
1 yard Artisan Batiks Elementals Leaflets Meadow
1/2 yard Emma in Aqua

I already have a few projects I am waiting to start, so these are going on the shelf while I get caught up. I am currently working on the parts of a purse pattern (since I can't quite find one that has everything I want) and am still hand quilting the Sweet Pea inspired quilt. 

Linking up with Ms. Midge, the hostess with the Mostess, our Suday Stash hostess for this week.

February 13, 2016

Zoo Quilt

A few months ago, while I was working on other projects (including an online embroidery class), my MIL requested a baby quilt for a friend of hers. Since the baby was due in January, I had some time to prepare. She only specified that the baby was a girl and left the rest of the details up to what I had on hand and what I could get to flesh out the pattern I used. Emphasis on inexpensive. (yes. yes. I know, don't do the math. I know what time and effort are worth, when doing calculations for what a quilt should cost.)

I had some cute zoo fabric and some glittery dragonflies. Since the zoo fabric was a fat quarter, it didn't quite make a square. I used some Moda Marbles to make it fit. 
I did have to pick up some owls to create contrast, the lovely purple for binding and some Aurifil thread to match.
My GMIL lent me her Singer Featherwieght. (excuse my work area, the dining room table is my workspace right now) I love using this little cutie. It was made for quilting and made life so much easier. I even did the machine quilting on it. 
This lovely fabric looks like princessy pearls strung between mirrors. What a perfect backing. Along with more Moda Marbles to create tiles and square out the quilt. (40" square finished)
I did a simple diamond shaped motif, that created an even quilted textures, while leaving the quilt fluffy and soft. It is hard to see from the pictures, but for each zoo scene I stitched long with certain scene lines(like the signs), so the scene transfers to the back with the quilting. I used a light green thread for this, for contrast. I love how pretty this is and it creates a nice puffy center to each square.