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September 10, 2016

My New Purse

My latest finish. I finally found a pattern with the design similar to what I wanted. The design is great, with 4 inner pockets. 3 slotted and a zippered pocket. Very light and holds everything I need, although I would have liked it a tad larger. I chose several batik fabrics, the lining is a white floral batik. The zipper pull is from Zappy Dots. They are quilt buttons that are attached to a strong magnet. I have several sets, so I can pick a new one every day, if I want. They are really pretty and they add new designers fairly often.

This is the pattern I used and I will say that I had a few issues with it. Wide and Long are often interchangeable, so when you use Wide instead of High, things get very confusing. (also, in 3 dimensions we have wide, high, and long, so no, no, and no) Some of the cutting directions are not very good if you are using directional fabric and they did not point out that you will need to cut the pieces out differently. (They have quick cut instructions that result with pieces being cut on their side) Towards the end, when attaching the strap, the instructions direct you to attach the one strap end to the right side of the back and the other end to the opposite side on the front. The issue there is that if you do not look at the picture and instead follow the instructions literally, you will end up with both ends of the strap on the same end of the purse when finished. As I am rather new to purses, I found the instructions confusing and frustrating. I did read the instructions through before beginning, but did not see the issues until I started trying to follow them. Would not recommend.