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May 30, 2016

Craft Pouch

Last month we went to the Monster Truck show at the BJC. P really enjoyed it. I brought along a craft project to help fill time, since we had about 45 mins to kill with needing to arrive in advance for parking. We had planned to go into the pit area, but that proved unrealistic, as there was an hour line to get in. We ended up passing on that. We would never have made it into the pit area before it closed for the show.
I made a little pouch to hold my project.

I make Christmas ornaments each year and will post those later. I am big on working on them during the summer and then having them done. What I make depends on what craft mood I am in that year. I have made felt bears, crocheted stars, and mini felt mittens and stockings. I try to make something different each year. This year I am trying beaded snowflakes. So, this pouch was the perfect size for all my beads and tools. (it is roughly 5"h x 4"d x 6"l)

I was working with 5" charm squares and the poor little birdy lost his head in the seam. I really couldn't leave it like that, so i embroidered an outline if his body and added his head back on. It gave a nice textured effect. I also added some small blue beads to the feathers in the front for a little bling.

If you want to make one, I followed the tutorial at Three Bears. I just sewed together a few charm squares and a jelly roll strip before cutting out the required dimensions for the sides. Super easy to make. Really easy to pull together from your stash. All I bought was the zipper. I just started working with them and haven't added them to my 'keep in stock' list.