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July 25, 2014

Doll Blanket Finish

A few months ago, I won some Hexie Templates from a giveaway at Jane's Quilting. I used some leftover scraps from a baby quilt and added some yellow swirl fabric, along with the monkeys, and the stars. They make such a cute combination. 
The back is a fat quarter of Barenstain Bears. The binding is more of the swirl fabric, amazing how different it looks with different applications.
I don't usually machine quilt, but with such a small project, I practiced a little straight line stitching. I crisscrossed straight lines to make a diamond pattern. I really like how the diamonds make honeycombs of some sections, while creating a frame for others. I used Gutterman Thread in a medium shade of cream, which worked really well. This will go to my niece for her birthday in September.

July 5, 2014

Happy 5th of July!

This is the day everyone sleeps in after staying up to watch fireworks. I slept in a whole 3 hours, til 8am! Hahaha.
So far I have not got much to show for the amount of time between posts. I currently have an hour and a half commute, both ways, to work. This has prevented me from doing much sewing when I get home. I can sew when we are slow at work, which is nice. I have started the 2nd Christmas stocking and am almost up to the point where I can start assembly. (I always embroider and bead everything first)
This quilt went on vacation with me(I am posting from my in laws). I have gotten a large part of it quilted, but the thread blends in so well that you can not really tell the difference.
I am also working on a very small, Sunbonnet Sue, coaster/table runner for my desk. I will post pictures of that when it is finished. Possibly next weekend if I can find the time to sandwich it during the week.