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August 17, 2016

Blue Pouch

I am still making pouches.  I post occasionally over on instagram(@minse25) and this was posted over there also. For reference, the tutorial is available at Three Bears.
I wanted a sturdy pouch that would hold a decent sized project and also other items that are often heavy. I often carry bottled water, a gameboy and a few games or other things I need. These are much heavier than a project and the last pouch would not have held the weight. This one is lined with decor bond and than a layer of fusible fleece, so I could get an idea of how they work with each other. 

I am working on a new purse and wanted an idea of how to handle them, without burning anything. All went well, so I am about to start sewing the new purse. The handles are also fusible fleece and decor bond, which makes everything plushy and stiff at the same time. A very nice touch for handles, which I just discovered.