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May 27, 2013

Lovely Quilts

Summer weather is a pain. We are riding the Hot/Cold roller coaster and it is no fun. I'd love mother nature to figure it out and settle for 60-75 degrees (oh, yeh, i'm in fantasy land).
I have gotten some progress on a few things and another distraction.
My SIL is having her first baby in a few weeks and I got a request to make her a baby quilt. So, of course, all my current projects got shelved.

 I had some cute fabric I was saving and I love the simple stars.
Did a little auditioning for the sashing. The toys fabric ended up vetoed (hubby gets veto power, he knows her better than I do). I had some jelly rolls of 3 Blind Mice, which ended up looking great as sashing. The toys have ended up as binding.

Got a few things done on the Sweet Pea quilt now that this one is at hand quilting stage. [I am using a decorative quilting thread (aka embroidery thread) and this is tough on the fingers, esp. since I do not use a thimble (i just can't get used to them). So, on breaks I work on other things.]

Since I am incorporating a few Shasta Daisies for the center of 3 blocks, I took pictures to keep track of where each petal goes on the flower. (My computer desk is part workbench and is well used)
The pattern I am using is over at Jinny Beyers.