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April 10, 2016

Sunday Stash 4-10-2016

On April Fools Day, The Intrepid Thread ran a nice weekend sale, with many fabrics $4-8 a yard. So, I picked up a few things.
I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived all wrapped up like a present, even with a little bow.
I tend to grab 1/2 yards when the prices are good. 1/4ths are not really sufficient and a yard can strain the budget. In order from left to right: 1/2yd Making Waves in blue, Atrium: Grace and Deco Bloom on fushia, Solstice Embellishment Laurel, Christmas Lovebirds in snow and Bluebird Fox Tracks.
These are not all 1/2yds, however, as I have plans for some. The Solstice is a yard as it will make a great border, but only if placed vertical and I got 3 yards of the Bludbird Tracks. For the Making Waves, I have been working on an idea for another dolphin walhanging and the Bluebird Tracks are going to become a new skirt.
As for the purse I was working on last week, that is now finished.

Linking up with Molli Sparkles Sunday Stashing.

April 3, 2016

Sunday Stash 4-3-16

My latest fabric addition is actually the lining and side/bottom fabric to the purse WIP in the last post. (I purchase for specific projects or if a shop has an insanely good sale)

I created the pattern for the purse myself, which created unknowns in buying fabric. Would I need to start over, if i make a serious error? If the purse is too small, would I need to make another? So, i got 2 yards of the black and 1.25 yards of the grey swirls at my LQS Stitch Your Art Out. I love my LQS, the people who work there are always happy to help (and they stock the YKK zippers!). 

Buying extra of the black worked out far better than I had anticipated, as straps are better made of one piece of fabric. This would not have been possible with a smaller cut, since a shoulder strap runs 55ish inches long(before attaching).

I have made some progress this weekend on the purse WIP, but the lining is proving troublesome (I had to put in a center divider) and I expect at least 3 more hours before it is finished. Which was more time than I had left in this weekend's free time. 

I am linking up with the Sunday Stash @ Raspberry Spool & Blossom Heart Quilts. I would provide more details, but I don't have a manufacturer listed on the selvage of the swirls. I believe the black is Kona. 

April 2, 2016

Holidays and WIPS

Am I the only one tired of the ridiculous increase of random holidays? Everyone has a holiday now. Even Baby Lock has created their own holiday.

Can I create my own, too?

On my current WIP list is this lovely.

I picked up a 1/2 yard awhile back of the blue and decided it would make a lovely outside for my new purse. It is one of those prints I hate to use for anything small, as it really detracts from the beauty of the print. I picked up a yard-ish of the grey swirls to use as lining at my LQS. Very fortunate to have one a few miles away.