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August 13, 2017

Sunday Stashing

Happy Sunday!
(I usually Link up with Molli, but for some reason I cannot find the post this morning. I will link up later when I figure out what's wrong.)

I love a good giveaway. I occasionally win, which is where most of this weeks Sunday stash comes from.

Early in July, Alison over at Little Bunny Quilts participated in a blog hop for Folk Art Fantasy.
I was playing with the idea of placemats, similar to Alison's, with Sunbonnet Sue. However, I am working on a few projects and will wait on this one. They might end up part of my quilt for Sarah Fielke's Down the Rabbit Hole BOM. We will see.

I also like to embroider and sew, crochet, etc. One of the places I follow is the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. Nancy does giveaways fairly often, but since they are very popular, they are also hard to win. I lucked out a few weeks ago and received the lovely Limited Editions box of embroidery thread.
Connie at Freemotion by the River shared some lovely charm packs with me. One she had gotten as an extra with an order and a couple from her stash. She also included a lovely note.

I love the pillows with candlewicking thread. I used to get them from Herrschners, but I'm sure Amazon has them. I love the ones Janlynn makes, they have such beautiful patterns. But I have found the candlewicking thread is easily worn through when sewing and tears apart. I am midway through one pillow and stopped working on it because of the thread issues. My friend Shari also likes these kits and she suggested substituting the candlewicking thread with pearle cotton. It is a similar thickness, but a bit shinier. We will see how that goes when I get back to it.


February 25, 2017

Hussif or Sewing Kit

For our mid January surprise, Sarah gave us a pattern for a sewing kit, or Hussif. This has pockets on the sides to hold all your sewing notions while traveling, including a pincushion. We had a few options, but I wanted a floral theme and shaped my pincushion as a large leaf. It can lie flat, or over your leg or arm of your chair and rolls up, with a strap, when not in use.

I don't have much to show for the actual BOM quilt, right now. My camera is refusing to send pictures, now, and I am waiting on my templates for the center section. We had the option to preorder, but I thought I could do without. Until the first pattern arrived at the end of January and I tried to source template plastic and discovered how thin that stuff is. Oh, well, first BOM, bound to make a few mistakes =) Mine are otw, shipping will take 2-6 weeks, so I will wait...somewhat impatiently, as the next part is being released next week.

January 8, 2017

Happy January!

I don't do New Year's Resolutions, simply because they don't work for me. If i'm going to do something or not do something, the time of year doesn't factor in.

Hubby got me a year long BOM for a present. It starts the end of January and it is Sarah Fielke's Down the Rabbit Hole. Until January 15th, 2017, you have the option to sign up for monthly payments.
We can't post too much and I'm a little fuzzy on what we can post, right now, so click through and scroll down a bit to see the illustration of the quilt. I am doing a color palette in greens, blues, yellows, reds and oranges, with black or grey bunnies, depends on which I have enough fabric of. I am planning on making the dresdans have a fan appearance, which will require a small change in the original design, so I will have to see if that plan works or not much later.
I really love that we can see a representation of the finished quilt before starting the class, as I am rather particular about what I make. The mystery is what keeps me away from a lot of the BOMs, as I really need to see what I am getting into.

A couple of winnings: Gigi's Fabric Shop, from the 12 Days of Christmas event they hosted on facebook. I chose a yard of Rising Tide in Tangerine. I plan on using this for my sunflowers and an outer border. (i borrowed the image from Gigi as the package is on it's way)
The 2nd winning is this lovely stack of Allison Glass 76, that Aurifil was giving away.
Complete with matching Aurifil threads! (of course) They do Meet the Designer interviews on AURIbuzz, with a giveaway for the designers newest fabric collection and a matching set of Aurifil threads. Alison Glass did an interview for the release of 76, early in December. Very happy, as there are several colors that are perfect for my new BOM fabric choices and the orange should match the Rising Tide in Tangerine perfectly. I am still deciding if I want to incorporate some of 76 into some of the flowers and leaves for the BOM.

And! I am close to finishing my fairy wallhanging.
It might be hard to see the difference from the last picture. It is sandwiched and I have my motifs marked with colored chalk. Which will, hopefully, stick around long enough to finish the quilting. I appliqued all the pieces down with just edge stitching and am using the quilting to add details to areas like the wings and skirt.