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May 17, 2014

2 Months Later!

I finished my SIL's quilt.
This is the front, with the binding ready to go on. I use Clover Clips, I like how useful they are. I keep finding new uses for them.
The back side, so you can see the binding.

This is finished, shipped off and received. I couldn't find my camera at this point and have discovered that the iPad camera is not a very good substitute.
I also started a new project. I won a pack of heat resistant silicone hexagon templates awhile back from Jane, (who blogs @ Jane's Fabrics) and decided to try them out. I had been a bit intimidated by them, they look difficult. With the templates, though, they are not that bad. I decided to make a small item, to see how I like them. Many of the prints are leftovers from another quilt.
Since this project requires 150 hexagons, I have decided larger projects are not for me. I like bigger pieces. The doll quilt, that these will make, ends up about the size of a fat quarter. I have seen larger quilts, such as Grandmother's Flower Garden, that run into the thousands of hexagons. I found this fat quarter in my stash, which I think will work perfectly for the back.

The modified Sweet Pea quilt has made some progress, although progress is having issues. I really need a thimble, since my fingers are getting holes poked in them, but I have issues using them. I am then forced to take break to let me fingers heal before I can sew again. The interesting thing about the hexagon project is that it does not put holes in my fingers and I can work on that instead.

I am not sure how much you can see in these pictures. The first is a finished block, with the stained glass flower in the center. The outer pieces are just edged in a complimentary thread. My stitches need practice, so I prefer to hide them right now. =)
This is a close up of the center of the same block. There were several options here, but most I did not like. I ended up deciding to edge to flowers and quilt the leaf stems to create puff. It made a nice texture, that I like and the flowers are accented.

These are also finished, with complimentary thread edging each piece. The sashing in the center has a variegated green leaf motif. If you click on the picture, it should become large enough to see some of the detail.
My last update is for school. I have graduated with distinction. My Bachelor degree is in Business Administration and a Minor in Accounting. I am job hunting (ofc) and will, hopefully, be updating a bit more often.