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April 9, 2015

Traveling Stash + an Update

Good Morning!

A great many changes since my last post. I have switched jobs and have been keeping very busy working on an online craft course. Currently progressing through the color theory course, which is just about finished.

I made my own color wheel (for reference when picking colors).
Made a few examples of different color combinations and am currently working on more difficult colors, like Achromatic.
So that is where my spare time has been going.

A few months ago, I received a traveling stash. Unfortunately, it has paused in its travels and is still hanging out here. If anyone would like to have the Traveling Stash move on to their house, just observe the rules. 
  • Boxes should move on at a reasonable pace, please have an active blog. 
  • This is a large priority mailing box and you can save some money by prepaying online and printing the mail label.
  • Only include items that you would be proud to own.
  • Please do not include items that are from a smoker house.
  • Do not trade out items to get rid of yardage that is below quilter quality. The box is intended to trade goods that you do not use for items that you would use, not as a dumping ground for older, worn or low quality items.
Sewingly Along has an excellent post listing the rules for the stash. She was once the organizer. The current organizer is Tricia at Ramblings of a Quilter

Leave a comment, if you are interested in the Traveling Stash. The deadline is April 24th. I will draw that weekend and let you know before Monday.