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November 21, 2015

Weights and Bag

I finished the Stitchmap course! The last step was making a drawstring bag to hold all the weights. I learned a lot from this course. I usually buy kits and use the stitches chosen by the designer. To make them beginner friendly (I assume), they typically only include back stitch, outline, and variations of satin stitch. Blanket I was familiar with, as I use it for applique. The rest were quite fun to learn (open and closed chain, stem, and split to name a few) and it was great seeing the different uses for the stitches, past what I normally work with.

For the new baby quilt, I have made a bit of progress and am now on ironing this pile.
Fat quarters do not divide up into squares. To offset the rectangle, I used a blue and white blender that nicely matches with everything. The pile are all HSTs, going in 2 directions, to create a cross pattern around the zoo centerpiece.

This one is an almost finished.
There is just a little bit of brown in the lower right and a little back stitching for edging on a few areas and then a frame. Intended for my MILs birthday.