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February 25, 2017

Hussif or Sewing Kit

For our mid January surprise, Sarah gave us a pattern for a sewing kit, or Hussif. This has pockets on the sides to hold all your sewing notions while traveling, including a pincushion. We had a few options, but I wanted a floral theme and shaped my pincushion as a large leaf. It can lie flat, or over your leg or arm of your chair and rolls up, with a strap, when not in use.

I don't have much to show for the actual BOM quilt, right now. My camera is refusing to send pictures, now, and I am waiting on my templates for the center section. We had the option to preorder, but I thought I could do without. Until the first pattern arrived at the end of January and I tried to source template plastic and discovered how thin that stuff is. Oh, well, first BOM, bound to make a few mistakes =) Mine are otw, shipping will take 2-6 weeks, so I will wait...somewhat impatiently, as the next part is being released next week.