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February 26, 2015

Mini Update

This quilt is finally starting to get close to the halfway point. Most of the actual blocks are completed, but the long stretches of brown sashing are very intimidating. I know that I will be working with acres of green variegated thread and that brown sashing for months. Hand quilting is fun, but wow, it takes up a lot of time.
Hopefully you can see the motif in this picture. It blends in more than I intended. The motif is a leaf with a few swirls.
These blocks are just edged with complimentary thread. My stitches are not always uniform or as small as I would like them, so I am blending them into the fabric.

This is the part that is annoying about hand quilting. I have handled the quilt so much that the batting on the edges is stretching out and tearing away from the quilt where it is pinned. I will have to figure out a better fix, but for right now I have flipped the back of the quilt up over the batting and pinned it down to prevent the batting from moving.