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July 30, 2016


Well, summer is hot here. Haven't made much progress on the large Sweet Pea inspired quilt as it sits on my lap and it has been too hot. Work is busy and stressful, so I should sew, but get home I don't sew. What I have been working on is this:
A lovely Geisha girl. I had a set of kits at one time. The other is finished (many years ago) and elsewhere, as it was a gift to my Gpa-in-law. I know you can't see too much of her, right now. The pink is her Obi and the blue is her kimono. There are flowers on her kimono, which is why there are gaps in the stitching on the left. (I have misplaced the cover picture)

I am working on a boxy pouch project bag that is larger than the last one. It just needs a little more work. The lining and the corners and it is finished.