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August 29, 2013

New Traveling Stash Box #3

I am the happy winner of box #3. The box travels around the USA and when it stops at a house, the person who has the box trades for fabric or notions and then sends the box on its way.

This is the current contents of Box #3. I have removed some items and replaced them with a few things I have not found a use for. This box has quite a bit of fabric, a nice selection of patterns and some notions. Leave a comment for a chance for this box to come to your house. Deadline is Sept. 13th. 
Congratulations Karyn!

Rules are simple:
Have a active blog and post the giveaway fairly quickly after receiving the box
USA only, due to postage costs
Trade items you would be proud to own, this is not a dumping site for outdated or worn items
Trade like items, fabric for fabric, notions for notions
Try to avoid adding too many books, they add a lot of weight
No pet hairs, odors or smoke

See Katies blog at Snuggling up with a Dish from Karma. She tracks the boxes and updates the rules post.

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  1. I'd love a visit from this box! I blog at