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September 5, 2013

Traveling Stash #4

You may have noticed I am giving away Traveling stash #3. Well, I also won traveling stash #4 a while ago. The box has been a little delayed, but has now arrived and needs to move on to the next lucky winner. The Lucky winner is Karyn from the Stylish Home.
Congratulations Karyn!

Each box is filled with quilt shop quality supplies, fabric, notions, etc and travels the USA. It stops at lucky winners homes, where the winner trades out any lovely items they want to own and puts back in items they no longer need. 

Have a active blog and post the giveaway fairly quickly after receiving the box
USA only, due to postage costs
Trade items you would be proud to own, this is not a dumping site for outdated or worn items
Trade like items, fabric for fabric, notions for notions
Try to avoid adding too many books, they add a lot of weight
No pet hairs, odors or smoke

See Katies blog at Snuggling up with a Dish from Karma. She tracks the boxes and updates the rules post.
Leave me a comment before September 16th if you would like this traveling stash to visit your house.