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February 21, 2016

Sunday Stash

Usually I do not have anything to show, but every one in a while there is a sale that I can not resist. Canton Village Quilt Works is relocating to Arizona and has been running an awesome sale, where the discount grows each week. She wants to sell out of all the quilting fabric before the move.
So, after sitting on my hands for a few weeks and letting the discount grow, I picked up these. (gotta hit the sweet spot where awesome discount and inventory meet. Wait too long and you have nothing to choose from.)

In no particular order:
3/4 yard Soliel Sky
1/2 yard Los Cabos Water
1 yard Artisan Batiks Elementals Leaflets Meadow
1/2 yard Emma in Aqua

I already have a few projects I am waiting to start, so these are going on the shelf while I get caught up. I am currently working on the parts of a purse pattern (since I can't quite find one that has everything I want) and am still hand quilting the Sweet Pea inspired quilt. 

Linking up with Ms. Midge, the hostess with the Mostess, our Suday Stash hostess for this week.


  1. Clever girl! Great catch where price meets inventory. Love, love those wonderful batiks.

  2. Those batiks are gorgeous!

  3. Love your scores. I got some a while back and was so pleased. Should check her out again. That first batik!-love turquoises.