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October 18, 2015

Sunday Stash

Thought I would have a little fun this week and join up with Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash Link up.

Molli Sparkles

I don't often have new purchases to post, as I typically buy when I am starting a new project. A few weeks ago my MIL asked me to make a baby quilt for a friend of hers, that is due in January. After going through my stash, I just needed a contrasting fabric. So, I bought a yard of these cute little guys at my LQS.
They are perfect for this quilt. 
To the owls, I am adding some cute Zoo fabric and some dragonflies. I had bought the dragonflies for another project, but being a destash I got 3 yards, when I only needed 1, so I have plenty.
My lazy sunday project is organizing my fabric into Quiltology.
To give you an idea what I am working with. I have managed to pick up quite a bit of fabric and am inputting it into Quiltology. Quiltology is a quilt creation app for the iPad. So each piece is entered with a photo, a size, name, manufacturer, and colors. Later I can create quilts and blocks and insert the photos to see what the finished item will look like. While I am enjoying the app, I see a large time investment inputting my stash to get started properly. If anyone has an easier/faster way, let me know. =)


  1. It looks like you have some really whimsical and sweet fabrics for the baby quilt.

    I don't tend to take photos of my fabrics for a quilt design until I want to audition them in a quilt. I will do the design in B&W or with solid colors until I am ready to audition prints. That way I don't have to photograph everything that comes in the door. A much more lazy approach, for sure, though.

  2. I usually pull fabrics for a project, changing far too often this and that piece! It is the one process of quilting I do not enjoy as much as the rest!