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March 1, 2014

Spring Break...

... is approaching. In January, there was a Grow Your Blog event and I found a few new blogs to follow and entered my name for a few giveaways. I won the Bead Soup prize over at AmyBeads! They arrived this morning and are so pretty. Such a beautiful blue color.
I borrowed the image from Amy, so you can see how pretty they are. Not sure what I will use them on. I like to accent quilt elements with them, but I have 3 quilts in progress. I would love to start another, but I hate having too many projects in progress.

It is incredibly cold here lately, with another storm approaching. YAY more snow... uh, no. I want warm! *sigh* My school closes for a snow day very rarely, but we have had 3 snow days this year. (They only close for ice and dangerous roads. They do not care if it is -5)
Pssst.. Mother Nature... I think we have enough snow.
Progress is slow. I finished the stocking, but one of my neighbors bought it before I had a chance to take a picture (I also misplaced my camera). I have another kit, so, my SIL will still get one for Christmas. I couldn't say no to a little extra cash ($60). Probably less than it's worth with the amount of time I devote to near perfection, but a nice profit on the $12 I paid for the kit. Hers says Rudie, but they look the same.

The doll quilt has some quilting finished and will likely be done before the semester is over. The larger quilts are close to shelved. I am so busy with school and I need to finish my SIL's items before working on my own.


  1. Congratulations on your win,such a beautiful stocking, I'm sure your neighbor got a great bargain. !!