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July 16, 2013

Sweet Pea Quilt

I would love to say that I have made some progress. Mostly experiencing frustration.
This was the starting point. With a few additions over the last few months, I increased the size from 45" to 90"... or so I thought.

 I made a few changes. Mostly to the size of the blocks and the sashing.

I made the assumption that if I took 6" blocks and 2" sashing = 45", then doubling to 12" blocks and 4" sashing would = 90".
Well, I forgot to never assume and always double check your measurements. Somewhere along the line things shrank and now I have a lovely quilt that is only 77" square. I lost 13 INCHES!! Will take a few pictures when I go make the sandwich, currently very unhappy with the shrinkage and do not have an easy way to fix it without changing the pattern.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Emily, I have come over to your blog from FNSI and am intrigued by your sweet pea quilt. It looks gorgeous and also I love the Shasta Daisies.Thank youf ro the link to them. I'm not sure what went up with the sizing - I would have presumed it doubled in size too - hope you can fix your size problem.