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April 20, 2013

Traveling Stash aka Pass it on Box

The Pass it on Box arrived a couple of days ago, and I have enjoyed going through the box and choosing a few things to trade. The box has some interesting pieces, for example, a sew and stuff santa and a sew and stuff cat. This box is mostly fabric, which is nice.
There are a few patterns and a christmas tree of buttons. I took out a few things.
And put in a few things.

The other nice thing about this box (in some ways) is that it currently fits in a medium size priority mail box. If you do straight trades, it will still fit. If you add a bunch, you will need to upgrade to the large box.

The Traveling Stashes are kept track of by Cherise over at Sewingly Along.
There are a few rules that go along with this giveaway, besides the fact that this box only travels the United States (due to shipping costs).

  • Fabric only of quilting quality
  • Items you would be proud to own
  • Trade like sizes (FQ for FQ, Yd for Yd)
  • Have an active blog
  • Take and post pictures
For a complete list of the rules, please visit Sewingly Along's Rules List.

Leave a comment for a chance at the Traveling Stash. Good luck and I will pick a winner next Saturday, April 27th.


  1. I would love to be the next receiver and I hope this is where I leave the comment for a chance!

  2. put me in for this one. There looks like there are a lot of great modern fabrics

  3. Would love this box to come for a visit - some lovely things.

  4. Nice fabric. I would love to be the next stop.