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March 4, 2013

New Project

So here I am planning a new quilt. I love the quilt 'Sweet Peas' that was printed up in the Feb. 2005 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.
I love the stars and the lovely sashing, but the finished size is only 38" and I want a close to bed size quilt. Now what I'm wondering is: can you 'double the recipe' like you do with cooking? I have 12" squares planned and I plan to grow the sashing from 2" to 4". Any one know if this will work?
To be clear, the original has 6" blocks, 2" sashing, 2 91/4" squares cut in an X, and 2 51/8" squares cut in an X.
I'm 'doubling' to: 12" blocks with 4" sashing. I'm not sure how to double the triangles.
You can see placement here for a better idea of how things go together. The 51/8" squares become the corner triangles and the 91/4" squares become the triangles on the sides.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Alice @ The Pin and Thimble. I won this beautiful fabric in her first ever giveaway! 
She even sent a little postcard with it to congratulate me!
Another huge THANK YOU goes to Gretchen @ 120 Blocks. I won her scrappy giveaway!

I got 1 magazine and a bunch of scraps. Not sure why she calls some of them scraps. Some are almost a quarter yard! =)

These pictures I 'borrowed' off her website. I was enjoying playing with them and organized them and put them away before I remembered to take pictures =(
The last package that arrived was from Kristen @ Meadowbrook. I won her giveaway of an Olfa circle cutter!
I'm 'borrowing' this picture from her giveaway. So hard to not get glare on this picture. Must be a trick to it =) Can't wait to find a project to use it on! THANK YOU KRISTEN!


  1. That will be a lovely quilt! And congrats on all your wins. =) Fun fun.

    Visiting from Show & Tell. Happy Tuesday!

  2. Congratulations on all the fabulous wins! What a sweet mail day you must have had when they arrived!

  3. that is going to be a very pretty quilt. You could probably research your problem with triangle measurements on line.
    You sure have been lucky with the giveaways. Congrats!